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Monday, 19 May 2014

My Holiday Wishlist!

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend in the sun! I had a pretty chilled one as I've been nursing a cold for the past week. But I still made sure I spent as much time as possible in the garden on a sun lounger. The family decided to have a BBQ yesterday which was lovely. The men attended to the Barbie making plenty of burgers, ribs, sausages and corn on the cob for everyone. Have you noticed how men always gravitate towards the BBQ? It's like they mark it as their territory and it's a 'no women allowed zone'. Although we weren't complaining as me, mum, and the cat lounged around in the garden, occasionally topping up our wine glasses and gossiping away.
Any who, as we are having such great weather lately, it got me to think of everyone gearing up for their summer hols, myself included. So I thought I would make a little wish list combined with a mix of summer wants and essentials!
  • Mint Green Playsuit-New Look-£27.99- I'm absolutely loving this colour at the moment. it looks lovely with a tan so makes the perfect holiday colour!
  • Models Own Tan Collection- £5.00 per colour.- I was SO excited to hear that Models Own were releasing a range specifically designed colours to naturally enhance a tan. these gorgeous neon-pastel shades will really highlight and compliment your holiday tan!
  • L'Oreal Anti-Redness Nude Magique- £9.99 Boots- I think we are all familiar with the fried tomato appearance of our faces after a day on the beach. Not a good look for a night out. I have been using L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream bare skin beautifier, and so far I am really impressed with it. So I definitely want to purchase the anti-redness version for a bit of a glow in the evening.
  • Jelly Sandals- £22.00 OFFICE- Who remembers these?! Without even slightly exaggerating, I used to go everywhere in my jelly sandals as a child. Mum even had a hard job getting me to take them off for bedtime! I was delighted to see they have come back with an adult version, and definitely want to get a pair of these for my hols.
  • Kimono BANK fashion- £25.00- I'm a big fan of the Kimono trend at the moment. I  love a good floral pattern. so when i saw this floral Kimono I knew it had to be a holiday essential!
  • Missguided- Rumika Rose Print Playsuit- £24.99- This is SUCH a cute summery playsuit. You could wear it day or night by jazzing it up with some accessories.  
  • Jean Paul Gaultier- Classique Summer Perfume-£40.00- I've been on the hunt for a Summer perfume. I love the mermaid packaging on this and the scent is so fresh and fruity. Perfect Summer scent!
  • Magicool- £3.99 Superdrug- I love this stuff. I never go on holiday without it. In scorching temperatures, when a bottle of water just won't do it. Spray some of this on your face and body and you will instantly feel alot cooler and more comfortable.
  • Moroccan Oil Hair Masque- 31.85 feel unique- As like most people. I love the Moroccan oil brand. I use the oil on my hair before and after washing and the difference is amazing. I have quite dry ends anyway and this does wonders for them. But I find my hair becomes even more dry on holiday from a mixture of the sun, sea and chlorine in the pool so I really want to try the masque to take away with me to keep my hair nourished and hydrated.
What would be on your Wishlist this Summer?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Clinique || Hand And Cuticle Cream

Hi Guys!

I haven't posted in a while...unfortunately my motivation for blogging these past couple of weeks has been virtually non-existant if I'm honest. Not for not wanting to blog of course, I literally have found that I've blinked and January has disappeared before my very eyes. I was actually hugely surprised when I looked at the date on my phone this morning and it said 1st Feb! I've had a hectic month with various birthdays, and if you have read my New Years post, you will know that I am also trying to stick to my New Years Reso's, (which I will do a catch up post about soon). Not to mention the January blues I have been suffering. Has anyone else felt massively tired this entire month? After Christmas I literally haven't been able get back into the swing of things. After work every night I pretty much have a hot bath and go straight to bed. So unfortunately I haven't had time to sit down and write. I didn't want to write any old rubbish for the sake of posting so decided to leave it until inspiration came to me!

Anyway, I dont do too many product reviews, but when I find a great product (or sometimes, a disappointing product) I feel compelled to give it a little review :)

I've only recently started using any type of moisturising cream on my hands. I never really thought it was that important  and a waste of money but I was wrong. We use our hands everyday so why shouldn't we look after them?! Remember, they are one of the first places that age! So I decided to try Clinique deep comfort hand and cuticle cream. So far I'm very impressed. It has a lovely smell and a  light texture that makes your hands unbeliveably soft and smooth. I found my skin stayed very soft long after I first applied the cream.  I have noticed a definite improvement with my cuticles to, they were getting quite dry and cracked looking but now look almost as good as new!

You can pick this up for £17.00 from Selfridges, John Lewis  which sell it for £15.30 or Harrods. Even though it is rather pricey I would definitely recommend it as you really do only need to use a tiny amount each time, so it will definitely last you a long time.

Have you used this before? What are your favourite hand products?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

*MAC* Cream Blend Blush Review

Hi Dolls,

I thought I'd share with you my most recent purchase, the "Ladyblush" shade of MAC cream blend blusher.

I've never used a MAC blusher before, and have always used a powder blush so wasn't sure how this would work out, but i'm so glad I bought this!

 It looks quite dark in the picture, but the shade is a lovely pinky red, perfect for people with fair skin like me, and you only need a small amount for a nice glow.

 I should probably use a brush to apply it but at the moment I just dab a little bit on my middle finger and this seems to work just as well. I then apply in light circular movements along my cheekbone.

The texture is so soft and creamy, and gives a nice dewy look to your complexion. I have found it wears really well throughout the day, as it is so soft I feared I might have to keep dashing off to the ladies to re-apply, but I was pleasantly surprised. From when I put it on first thing in the morning, it lasts until I get home in the evening which is always a massive plus for me. There's nothing worse in the beauty world than make up that melts off quickly!!

This retails at £17.50 and even though the price is steep, it will last for ages and I do now prefer the cream blush compared to the powder blush so will not hesitate before buying again.

What are your favourite types of blush? I'm always looking for new things to try!


                                                              Laura xoxo