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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Riches to Rags?

Hi Dolls,

Who remembers this little guy?!

As it was Xmas only a a few weeks ago, and Home Alone was rife on our television screens again, I couldn't help but remember the shocking pictures of Macaulay Culkin I saw a few months ago. And how sad it is that a much loved child star has ended up looking so frail, disshevelled, and absurdly skinny. He's best known for being Kevin Mcallister, in two home alone movies, and also Richie Rich, definitely two of my fave films growing up!

So I breathed a sigh of relief at the latest snap of him below, looking much healthier. Still looks like he needs a few good home cooked meals down him, but no doubt a million times healthier than he looked in the above pic!!

Casual in the city: Macaulay, who has an apartment in New York's SoHo neighbourhood, looked hip in grey jeans, brown plaid shirt and a charcoal dress jacket

Whatever issues the magazines say he has, drugs, depression, alcoholism, or all of the above, lets hope he can overcome these, and doesn't end up being yet another classic example of 'too much, too young' and he can get back on track! :)